Monday, November 22, 2010

Pictures of >arrowmagic< shirts!

My crafty friends and I are hopeless at documenting the markets we do and self promotion, but I managed to get some shirts out of the boot of the car (they were still there from a market!) and get the kids to run around the park for 7.3 minutes before they got annoyed. Since each shirt is unique, it's hard to document them all, but here's a glimpse into the type of shirts I make. They are pre-shrunk cotton shirts with some new and recycled fabric applique. The fun bit is color matching scraps and bits. All are currently hand embroidered until my hand, foot and the sewing machine needle manage to agree on something.

Kahurangi wearing All Star

 Te Manaia wearing Kaahu

 Atarau wearing Fis

 Atarau wearing Rainshine

 Kahurangi wearing Mei Tie

 Kahurangi wearing All Star

Atarau wearing Oma Rapeti 

They sell for 25$ and have a variety of designs, sizes and colors depending on my mood, and what scraps I have laying around the house! I really like the contrast of hard and soft edges, so i do a simple stitch embroidery around the edge of the design and allow the edges of the applique to fray with wash. I sometimes add bits like the bubbles out of the fishes mouth when the feeling moves me. Overall, they are simple, soft and sunny.

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